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PR172812 - Deputy Speaker receives a courtesy visit from the Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Data 06.12.2017

Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina on a courtesy visit to Deputy Speaker Claudette Buttigieg

Newly appointed Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina Josip Gelo paid a courtesy visit to Deputy Speaker Claudette Buttigieg.

The Deputy Speaker and the Ambassador referenced the strong relationship enjoyed by the two countries following the establishment of diplomatic relations in October 1995.

Deputy Speaker Buttigieg highlighted the fact that Malta was one of the first countries to formally recognise Bosnia-Herzegovina as an independent and sovereign nation in April 1992. She also recalled the humanitarian assistance extended by Malta to children and war casualties from Sarajevo.

The Ambassador elaborated on the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina following the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, which brought the war to an end in 1995. He also gave an update on the political situation in view of the elections due to be held in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the coming year.

The two dignitaries discussed other issues of mutual interest, including trade and commercial ties, as well as cultural cooperation, particularly in view of Valletta taking on the title of European Capital of Culture in 2018. The possibility for Bosnian students coming to Malta to study English was also mentioned.

Ambassador Josip Gelo was accompanied by First Secretary at the Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Rome Dejan Mackovic.

Clerk of the House Ray Scicluna was also present.

Photo: SPK



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