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Att Nru XVIII tal-2019 - Att dwar l-Awtorità għall-Iżvilupp Reġjonali ta' Għawdex

It-Tlettax-il Leġiżlatura (2017 - 2022)

  Niżżel id-Dokument
Ippubblikat 14 Ġunju 2019

Abbozz Nru 71 - Abbozz ta' Liġi dwar l-Awtorità għall-Iżvilupp Reġjonali ta’ Għawdex

Objects and Reasons

The object of this Bill is to provide for the establishment of an Authority to be known as the Gozo Regional Development Authority and for the exercise, by or on behalf of that Authority, of regulatory and consultative functions regarding the implementation of the Regional Development Strategy for Gozo and to make provision with respect to matters ancillary thereto or connected therewith.

Mozzjoni Nru 154 - Abbozz ta' Liġi dwar l-Awtorità ta' Żvilupp Reġjonali għal Għawdex