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Mr Charles Buhagiar

Charles Buhagiar  

Curriculum Vitae

Hon. Charles Buhagiar is an Architect and Civil Engineer by profession. He graduated from the University of Malta in 1979 and furthered his studies in concrete technology at the Harry Stanger Institute for Materials. 

Hon. Buhagiar was first elected to Parliament in 1987 and has always been elected since then. Between 1996 and 1998, he was appointed Minister on Public Projects and Construction. In this legislature he has been appointed as the consultant to the prime minister on capital projects as well as chairman and Chief Executive of the Building Industry Consultative Council.

In 1983, Hon. Buhagiar established his own company of Consultants - Med Design. 

Hon. Buhagiar is married to Simone nèe Azzopardi and they have a daughter, Estelle.

Electoral History

Sixth Parliament:

Elected on: 13.2.87
Oath of Allegiance: 9.7.87
Dissolution of Parliament: 20.1.92

Seventh Parliament:

Elected in the 7th Division

Oath of Allegiance: 4.4.92

Eighth Parliament:

Elected on: 29.10.96

Appointed Minister of Public Work and Construction: 29.10.96
Ceased as Minister: 7.9.98

Ninth Parliament:

Elected on: 8.9.98

Oath of Allegiance: 24.10.98
Dissolution of Parliament: 10.3.03

Tenth Parliament:

Elected on: 14.4.03

Oath of Allegiance: 24.5.03
Dissolution of Parliament: 14.2.08

Eleventh Parliament:

Elected on: 12.3.03
Oath of Allegiance: 10.5.03
Dissolution of Parliament: 7.1.13

Twelfth Parliament:

Elected on: 11.3.13
Oath of Allegiance: 6.4.13

Dissolution of Parliament: 1.05.17

Is-Sitt Leġiżlatura (1987 - 1992)
Link to Member's page in legislature
Ġie elett: 04.07.1987
Ġurament tal-Ħatra: 09.07.1987
Xoljiment tal-Parlament: 20.01.1992
Is-Seba' Leġiżlatura (1992 - 1996)
Link to Member's page in legislature
Ġie elett: 22.02.1992
Ġurament tal-Ħatra: 04.04.1992
Xoljiment tal-Parlament: 23.09.1996
It-Tmien Leġiżlatura (1996 - 1998)
Link to Member's page in legislature
Ġie elett: 26.10.1996
Ġurament tal-Ħatra: 05.12.1996
Xoljiment tal-Parlament: 03.08.1998
Ministru għax-Xogħlijiet Pubbliċi u Kostruzzjoni - 29.10.1996
Waqqaf: 03.08.1998
Xoljiment tal-Parlament: 03.08.1998

Distretti Elettorali

Id-Disa' Leġiżlatura (1998 - 2003)
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Ġie elett: 05.09.1998
Ġurament tal-Ħatra: 24.10.1998
Xoljiment tal-Parlament: 10.03.2003

Distretti Elettorali

L-Għaxar Leġiżlatura (2003 - 2008)
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Ġie elett: 12.04.2003
Ġurament tal-Ħatra: 24.05.2003
Xoljiment tal-Parlament: 04.02.2008

Distretti Elettorali

Il-Ħdax-il Leġiżlatura (2008 - 2013)
Link to Member's page in legislature
Ġie elett: 12.03.2008
Ġurament tal-Ħatra: 10.05.2008
Xoljiment tal-Parlament: 07.01.2013

Distretti Elettorali

It-Tnax-il Leġiżlatura (2013 - 2017)
Link to Member's page in legislature
Ġie elett: 11.03.2013
Ġurament tal-Ħatra: 06.04.2013
Xoljiment tal-Parlament: 01.05.2017

Distretti Elettorali