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Petitions Committee

Meeting No.: 013 - Tuesday, 16-Feb-2021 04:30 PM


1. Minutes.
2. Petition No 13 of Ms Jennifer Formosa regarding dog-friendly beaches;
3. Petition No 16 of Mr Martin Testaferrata Moroni Viani regarding refugees and human trafficking;
4. Petition No 17 of Mr Adrian Zammit regarding COVID-19;
5. Petition No 18 of Mr Conrad Borg Manche' regarding the Gzira petrol station and the impact on the Gzira Garden;
6. Petition No 6 of Mr David Lorenzo Alvarez regarding the use of languages in court cases;
7. Petition No 14 of Mr Guiseppe Aquilina regarding illegal immigrants;
8. Petition No 19 of Mr Jamie Buttigieg regarding self-defense;
9. Petition No 20 of Mr Daniel Carmel Briffa regarding COVID-19;
10. Petition No 22 of Mr Guiseppe Aquilina regarding the national quota for representation in Parliament;
11. Petition No 23 of Ms. Demaris Agius regarding the Thi Lakin school;
12. Petition No 24 of Mr Joseph Nazzarenu Attard regarding land ownership;
13. Petition No 25 of Mr Alex Ehrhardt regarding development in the Xgħajra ODZ;
14. Other Matters