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PRPR171445 - The Speaker receives a delegation from the German Bundestag – 16.06.17

Date 19.06.2017

Members of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag), led by MP Dr Ralf  Brauksiepe,  Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Defence, have paid a courtesy visit on Speaker of the House of Representatives Dr Anġlu Farrugia.
The two sides highlighted the very strong and amicable relations that exist between the two countries, which were enhanced by a number of high-level exchange visits. They discussed issues of mutual interest, such as Malta’s Presidency of the Council of the EU (with particular reference to the Parliamentary Dimension of the said Presidency), the outcome of Brexit, migration, and security.
They also exchanged views on the procedures of the respective national Parliaments.
The German Bundestag delegation consisted of Dr Ralf Brauksiepe, MP, Head of Delegation; Ms Sybille Benning, MP; Mr Helmut Brandt, MP; Ms Marie-Luise Dött, MP; Mr Hubert Hüppe, MP; Dr Georg Kippels, MP; Mr Volkmar Klein, MP; Ms Gisela Manderla, MP; Mr Karsten Möring, MP; Mr Karl-Heinz Wange, MP; Mr Oliver Wittke, MP; Ms Ursula Heinen-Esser, former MP; Mr Bernd Wilz, former MP, and Mr Karl-Heinz Aufmuth, Head of the CDU-Regional Group of North Rhine-Westphalia.
They were accompanied by Ms Gudrun Sräga (German Ambassador to Malta), Ms Merve Sueruecue, and Ms Lena Graziano from the Embassy of the German Federal Republic.
Clerk of the House of Representatives Mr Ray Scicluna was also present.


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