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Act No. XXV of 2016 - Civil Code (Amendment No. 3) Act

Twelfth Legislature (2013 - 2017)

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Published on 13 May 2016

Bill No. 118 - Civil Code (Amendment) Bill

Objects and Reasons

The objects of this Bill are to amend the provisions of the Civil Code (Cap. 16) relating to the law of things, defining the rules on the coastal perimeter and the foreshore, classifying property in ownership of the Government, defining and introducing rules on the concept of the public domain and rules on duties and limitations on the Government in its administration of property in the public domain, regulating the designation and declassification procedures and effects in relation to the public domain, introducing rules on the registration of property in the public domain and addressing the impacts of the amendments on private rights and on other existing cultural, environmental and other special laws affecting Government property.

Motion No. 228 - Civil Code (Amendment) Bill