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Bill No. 45
Various Laws (Criminal Matters) (Amendment) Bill Back to List

Eleventh Legislature (2008 - 2013)

Objects and Reasons

The objects of the Bill are to amend the Criminal Code with regards to proceedings instituted on the complaint of the injured party, where the complainant is the Head of a Government Department and to introduce a new contravention to public order; to introduce amendments in the Code of Police Laws with regards to the prevention of annoyance to neighbours by barking dogs and to introduce a new Part under the heading "Of the Classification of audio-visual material for Private Home Viewing"; to update the provisions in the Traffic Regulation Ordinance regarding the taking of specimens of breath, blood and body fluids; to amend the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Ordinance specifically to introduce a new sub-article relating to the depositions taken on oath of an authorised insurer and their admissibility as evidence and to amend the Arms Act in relation to the disqualification of licences following an offence under sub-article (2) of article 24 and the selling of toys in the shape of arms.

Motion No. 123 - Various Laws (Criminal Matters) (Amendment) Bill

Act No. VII of 2010 - Various Laws (Criminal Matters) (Amendment) Act


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