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Act No. XLIV of 2016 - Constitutional Reforms (Justice Sector) Act

Twelfth Legislature (2013 - 2017)

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Published on 05 August 2016

Bill No. 145 - Constitutional Reforms (Justice Sector) Bill

Objects and Reasons

The objects and reasons of this Bill are the enactment of Constitutional reforms concerning the judiciary, the establishment of two sub-committees of the Commission for the  Administration of Justice to be styled as the Judicial Appointments Commission and  the  Committee for Judges and Magistrates with the respective tasks of advising on judicial appointments and of conducting disciplinary proceedings in respect of members of the judiciary, the entrenchment of the Commission for the Administration of Justice and of the Committee for Judges and Magistrates in the Constitution and the enactment of the Members of the Judiciary (Pensions) Act.

Motion No. 311 - Constitutional Reforms (Justice Sector) Bill