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Bill No. 95 - Commissioner for Older Persons Bill - 2nd Reading (Cont.)

Bill No. 97 - Social Security (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 86 - Business Promotion (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 117 entitled the various Financial Services Laws (Amendment No. 2) - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 116 entitled the Consumer Affairs (Amendment) - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 104 - Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilites Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 101 - Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 45 - Child Protection (Out of Home Care) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 63 - Standards in Public Life Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 89 - Care Standards Authority Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 102 - Malta Armed Forces (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 110 - Immigration (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 111 - Police (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 112 - Prisons (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 113 - Criminal Code (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 114 - Participation within the Single Resolution Fund and granting of financial support under the Single Resolution Mechanism Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 107 - Development Planning Bill - Committee

Bill No. 108 - Environment Protection Bill - Committee

Bill No. 109 - Environment and Planning Review Tribunal Bill - Committee

Bill No. 115 - Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disabilities) (Amendment No 2) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 118 - Civil Code (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

Bill No. 83 - Civil Protection (Amendment) Bill - 3rd Reading 

Bill No. 106 - Re-Use of Public Sector Information Bill - 3rd Reading

Bill No. 21 - Periti (Amendment) Bill - 2nd Reading

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Plenary Session - S298

07.10.15 at 6.00pm    Video

Public Accounts Committee 

07.10.15 at 6.30pm    Video

Mr Speaker addresses the Members of the Honorary Consular Corps. 

08.10.15 at 10.30am    Video

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Meeting Date Audio Video

Consideration of Bills Committee 

06.10.15 at 6.30pm   Download  Video

Plenary Session - S297 

06.10.15 at 6.00pm   Download  Video

Plenary Session - S296

05.10.15 at 6.00pm  Download  Video

House Business Committee  

29.09.15 at 6.30pm   Download  Video

National Youth Parliament - Age: 18-35

22.09.15 at 11.00am   Download  Video

National Youth Parliament - Age: 13-18

22.09.15 at 9.00am   Download  Video

Foreign and European Affairs Committee  

18.09.15 at 11.30am   Download  Video

Joint Meeting of the Foreign and European Affairs Committee and the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee 

04.09.15 at 10.00am   Download  Video

Consideration of Bills Committee 

21.07.15 at 3.00pm    Download  Video

Consideration of Bills Committee  

20.07.15 at 6.30pm   Download  Video

Plenary Session - S295 

20.07.15 at 6.00pm   Download  Video


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