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The primary objective of this website is to promote Parliamentary openness by facilitating access to documents published by this Institution and by enabling the public to follow more closely what is going on in Parliament.

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Meeting Scheduled For  Audio Video

Plenary Session - S296

05.10.15 at 6.00pm     Video

Latest Media Files 

Meeting Date Audio Video

Consideration of Bills Committee 

21.07.15 at 3.00pm    Download  Video

Consideration of Bills Committee  

20.07.15 at 6.30pm   Download  Video

Plenary Session - S295 

20.07.15 at 6.00pm   Download  Video

Plenary Session - S294 

20.07.15 at 9.00am   Download  Video

Plenary Session - S293

17.07.15 at 6.00pm   Download  Video

Consideration of Bills Committee 

17.07.15 at 6.30pm  Download  Video

Plenary Session - S292

17.07.15 at 9.00am  Download  Video

Joint Meeting of the Social Affairs Committee, the Health Commitee and the Family Affairs Commitee 

15.07.15 at 6.45pm   Download  Video

Plenary Session - S291 

15.07.15 at 6.00pm    Download  Video 

Plenary Session - S290

15.07.15 at 9.00am  Download  Video

Plenary Session - S289  

14.07.15 at 6.00pm   Download  Video

Consideration of Bills Committee

14.07.15 at 4.00pm   Download  Video

Public Accounts Committee 

13.07.15 at 6.30pm   Download  Video

Consideration of Bills Committee 

13.07.15 at 6.30pm  Download  Video

Plenary Session - S288

13.07.15 at 6.00pm   Download  Video


Videos for Plenary Sessions from 4th May 2015 onwards



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